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"Expand Your Palate" Boxes

Whether you are new to wines or an old fan, we offer you a selection of wine boxes assembled around a given theme so that you get to understand the multiple wine spirits of the winemaking around the globe

These may be wines made from grapes that you may not have heard about before, whether because they come from rare grapes only grow in a specific area or because they are made with grapes never used before to make wine and had been lost for centuries

Note that the wines selected in these boxes are super-premium in most cases, which make the box cost fulfill the Winedos requirement for free-shipping

We hope that you enjoy our selections!

finger lakes static

Finger Lakes Box

Five exquisite wines from the Finger Lakes - The USA Germany!
txakoli bodegas atobiza static

Txakoli Box

Four pure examples of tradition and modernity in wine elaboration in the Spanish Basque Country

Traditional Elaboration Box

Four wines elaborated following century-old processes that smell and taste tradition

Centenary Vines Box

These are very special wines elaborated from grapes grown in centenary old vineyards

Natural Wines Box

When the principle of minimum intervention applies to winemaking

Ecologic Wines Box

A selection of great wines that are made in the vineyard

Ancestral Grapes Box

Wines made from grapes recovered from nature with no genotypical match

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