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Corporate Relations

Welcome to the Winedos Corporate Family!

We would love to establish a partnership with your company around the exciting Wide World of Wine.

We offer select wines at discount prices for corporate gifts, which can be presented in a customized luxury wood case with the logo and slogan of your company.

We also organize virtual and in-person wine tasting events for your company retreats, where extended video documentation complements the wine instruction by a sommelier.

Finally, we can work with you in the organization of highly exclusive wine & food trips to the best wine production areas around the world, so that you can reward your most committed employees or cultivate the loyalty of your best corporate clients.

Have a look at what we have to offer to build our partnership and contact us to discuss the details.

Select Corporate Wine Gifts at a Discounted Price


Great Discounts on Wines for Corporate Gifts

Gift Wine to Your Best Clients and Make Them Smile

We offer great discounts on all of our wines if purchased for corporate gifts.

Discounts start at 20% (up to 40% depending on volume) for all wines with a price tag different than $.98 (10% discount on those tagged at $.98)

All our wines come with with a 1-minute video about how it's made, a short film about the producer, and a full 1-hour documentary of the producing area. You will provide your clients with an enhanced experience while they enjoy your wine gift.
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Customized Wine Gifts for your Clients and Employees


Customized Winedos Luxury Wine Case

Gift Wine to Your Best Clients on a Customized Wood Case

We can customize our Luxury Wine Case with the logo and slogan of your company at a discounted price if including it with your corporate wine gifts.

The Winedos luxury Wine Case has been carefully crafted out of natural bamboo wood into a sturdy yet elegant wine storing unit that showcases the quality of the wine.

Its interior contains foam covered with a luxury cloth that acts as the perfect bed for a wine kept to improve with age away from light or to elegantly accompany a gift to a loved one.
The case includes a high quality two-step stainless steel corkscrew with carbonized bamboo wood handlers, a wine stopper, a wine pourer, and a wine ring (to stop wine drops from staining the bottle)

The Winedos Luxury Wine Case's elegance and sophistication make it a perfect gift for wine lovers.
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Corporate Wine Events 


Corporate Wine Events

A Wine Event for your Company Retreat

The amount of documentation accompanying all our wines, including video documentaries of the producers and wine production areas, position Winedos as a unique supplier of corporate events about the world of wine without leaving your company headquarters.

We can design wine tasting events for your employees for which we will send a selection of wines around a particular topic, and a professional sommelier will conduct a virtual tasting session complementing the tasting of the wines with explanations and video documentation.

We can also study the possibility to organize wine events in person, with our sommelier traveling to where your company needs it.

What makes our events different is that participants can continue revisiting the video documentation of each of the tasted wines at any time in the future.
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Exclusive Wine & Food Trips to Indulge your Best Clients and Employees


Corporate Wine Trips

Send your Favorite People to the Wine World

There is no better way to reward your best employees and cultivate the loyalty of your best clients than indulging them with highly exclusive Wine & Food trips to discover the wider world of wine, visiting the most recognized vineyards and wine towns in the world. 

Your employees/clients will stay in awe-inspiring hotels, eat in the best gourmet restaurants (including Michelin Star), and taste outstanding wines directly by the hand of the winemakers and/or owners of the wineries. A certified sommelier will accompany your group at all times during the trip, guiding them through the winery visits, tours of the towns and local attractions, and culinary experiences.

We choose a famous major city as our meeting/return trip location so that your employees/clients can include our trip as part of your overall travel plans in the country, but we can also include the flights from origin in the package.

We can accommodate all group sizes, and travel dates. We will work with your company to design the most convenient trip plan for you. You can get an idea of what our travelers experience by checking the itinerary of one of our upcoming trips here.
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